Lesia C.

Lost 20lbs and 18% body fat in 5 months!

“I have always dreamed of this body and spent years and years on and off trying to achieve it. My friends and family could not believe the transformation and results I achieved in just five months. Body Vision gave me everything I needed to build my dream body! I Love this program and everything it’s helped me accomplish. I know BodyVision will forever be my Fitness destination!

Cole G.

Lost 50lbs and 15% body fat in 3 months!

“I was overweight and it was just getting out of control. Seemed this gym found me right when I was about to give up again. Blown away with my results and never plateau!  I have accomplished my initial BodyVision goal and now I’m working on my six pack! 


Lost 40lbs and 17% body fat in 6 Months!

“I’m so blessed to have 4 amazing children but after having all those kids my body was not like it was in my 20's. I tried countless gyms, weight loss programs and every diet to pill under the sun. I needed something convenient and that was available for my busy life being a mother and a dental hygienist. BodyVision was convenient for my schedule, Thanks Body Vision and all the experts behind it! I am beyond happy that I am in the best shape of my life!!!”


Lost 15lbs & 6% body fat in 3 months!

“Inspired by a girlfriend, I looked into getting in shape myself. BodyVision was exactly what I needed. I needed to make this a lifestyle change not a temporary one. Honestly, nothing like this program! Exercising and Hiking on a regular bases. I am so happy with the way I look and feel now!”

Jerome V.

Lost 50lbs and 10% body fat in 4 Months!

“I rarely see a doc but after a year of feeling tired and run down I decided to see what was wrong. Appointment was definitely necessary. So many things were wrong – High blood pressure (170 /110), Thyroid, testosterone levels, hormones and even estrogen was really high. I let myself go for years and enough was enough, but every time I stepped foot into the gym I’d find myself instantly dreading because I’d get bored from doing the same exercises over and over, and frustrated trying to guess what I should I do different. I needed some help not just from the doc but with nutrition and fitness too. Problem was I didn’t know of any nutritionist and all of the Trainers at my gym seemed to just want to socialize with their clients. My doc suggested checking out BodyVision who recently joined. The site studio exceeded the expectations I was looking for. Everything was there to guide me and keep me away from getting easily bored with my workouts. Visited the doc recently and what a difference in my blood pressure (120/80). My blood work was much improved too. I actually weigh less than I did in high school. I have honestly never felt better in my life.”


Lost 40lbs and 10% body fat in 6 months!

“I knew nothing about eating healthy or working out. I tried several trainers but none of them seemed to take my goals serious. So, I decided to figure it out on my own and I’m very happy I found the BodyVision Fitness studio. BodyVision Fitness got me in the best shape of my life and taught me everything about living a healthy lifestyle.

Laurel D.

Lost 45lbs and 13% body fat in 5 months!

“I never want to forget what it feels like to be fat: out of breath, joints hurt, difficulty leaning over to pick something up, not wanting to leave the house because I felt people were staring at me. That’s all behind me now thanks to BodyVision Fitness. Really liked how the program help me gradually work me into my new lifestyle which I think I really needed. My energy has returned. My expectation was to feel better and I do! What I didn’t expect was gaining a new boyfriend to dance with. He notice me. My life has been transformed.”

Cheryl and Scott

Together lost 70lbs and 20.8% body fat in 4 months!

“My wife and I simply lost control of our health over the past several years. We were active years back until we moved states. Seemed we had a rhythm down and quickly lost it after the move. We were recommended to check out BodyVision Fitness through our one of our daughters who seemed worried about our unhealthy habits. I knew her and my son in law had great results with the program so decided to take their advice, and me and my wife are so glad we did. BodyVision not only had all the equipment, dynamic workouts, great trainers, but the consistent results that kept us motivated. Lost a ton of weight and Blood pressure dropped dramatically which my Doctor was very impressed to see, and my wife feels and looks amazing! Thanks BodyVision for all the accountability and expert help.”